Condo Vs Apartment: What’s The Difference?

Renting properties is something very popular in almost every city in every country in the world. When looking for properties to be occupied on a renting basis, people look for so many options. They need comfortable, spacious, convenient places to be rented and the rental is also considered. Apartments have been the most popular type of property in almost every city. But today, people who are looking for a place to be rented wonder if they go for an apartment or condominium. If you are looking for a place to stay, you can see both apartments and condos depending on your choice. For an example, if you are moving to Bangkok to stay for a particular period, you must find a place to live comfortably. You can simply google and search property Bangkok for rent and you will get thousands of results out of which you can choose a good place.

If you are not interested in apartments, you can look for a condo. To compare the rentals you can search for Bangkok condo rentals and see if condos are worthier compared to apartments. Let’s see what the difference between an apartment and a condo is. Even though there are differences between these two, basically the format of them is almost the same. Both of them are shared properties which mean they are huge buildings where there are individual houses or living units. The number of units depends on the design of the building and the choice or decision of the owner. Though the structure and the facilities are almost the same, the major difference comes down to the possession.

When it comes to an apartment, the entire property is possessed by one particular company or an individual who takes care of the maintenance of the place and runs the place providing furnishers and other necessary things. Condos differ from apartments in terms of ownership. In condos, there is no one owner for the entire building, but each unit is owned by a different person. Some owners act as your landlord and handover the place to you and they live somewhere else.  In condos, the owners sometimes get together and form an association and through the association, they handle all maintenance related matters.

Basically the cost of an apartment and condo doesn’t vary a lot. However, there are certain plus points in terms of rental. The main thing is, in most of the condos, your monthly rental is contained of other utilities which may save some money. However, in certain cases you will have to pay for certain administrative tasks which is a downside of condo for rent in Bangkok.  Apartments are usually managed by reputed companies while condos are generally managed by the individuals who possess the units. In case of a maintenance issue, you can seek more organized and professional assistance if you are living in an apartment and you might find a little difficult if your condo owner is unavailable or out of the country.