Different Uses Of Land

Land is very valuable and precious commodity. It is also an investment. There are many uses for land. The uses also depend on where the land is situated in. Depending on what you choose to do with the land the return on investment can be really high. Here’s a list of some of the different uses of land.


One of the main uses of land is to make it a residential place. This way you could live in it or even give it out to rent. Depending on how big the land is you could design the house accordingly. It could be a very large house or a small house. Further the house could be made with high end materials to increase marketability and earn a higher rent.


Another popular option is to build an apartment. To build apartments the land has to be quite big or you could only build a few apartments. Companies such as Pokfulam in Honk Kong, Lockhart road office invest in properties and build apartments. Building apartments costs but it is very lucrative. You earn much more than you invest. Apartments can be sold or rented. You could structure it to make long term income.


Hotels are also expensive investments but can be very lucrative. This depends on how the hotel is marketed as well. Hotels require many rooms and additional services. You could give scenic villas rent for higher amounts and special services for certain room etc. to increase income. As building a hotel is expensive you could partner with a company. Visit http://www.pokfulam.com.hk/html/lease_villas.php 


If the land is in a commercial location you could build an office and give it to rent. Usually offices receive more rent than a house. If you build the office with many floors, each floor can be given to rent separately. Some large companies take the building for lease which could be for a very long time. In this case they might even settle the whole amount.

Warehouse/ storage space

Building a warehouse could be useful for storage. You could rent this place for a company or charge for storage. Further building warehouse/ storage is cheap. The other factor is storage space won’t be the best investment depending on where you build it. Building a warehouse in a commercial location may not be as worth as building an office.


If you have a large land and the soil is good you could begin a planation. Depending on what you plant your income can be significant. Depending on the location you could have a coconut plantation, tea estate, vegetables, rubber etc. All this is possible but the demand for that specific plantation is important.